• The problem

    The problem

    Nature is beautiful, but if you can not see the colors? And if you can not even see?
  • The solution

    The solution

    A low cost color and money bill identifier portable device.
  • Help Us

    Help Us

    AUIRE was selected as a finalist in incubation program of Unreasonable Institute.

We got it! Auire is an Unreasonable Fellow

After 39 days of campaign, we are the seventh team to raise $ 6500. Now we are officially an Unreasonable Fellow!

Many thanks to all of our friends, sponsors, twitters and bloggers who have supported and disseminated this initiative!

Starts the second week of competition!

We’ve reached the mark of a thousand dollars in the collaboration for Unreasonable Institute.

It is beginning the second week of competition and now we can receive donations of up to $ 50. Remember that who donated in the first week can donate again in the second.

We thank all that collaborate and ask that you continue supporting us for outreach and contributions.

Let’s go!

The competition to enter the Unreasonable Institute is open!

From now on 42 ideas from all over the world are competing to enter the Unreasonable Institute. Help the AUIRE color and money identifier to be one of them. Only the first 25 entrepreneurs who raise $6500.00 in sponsorship will be selected. However, each person can only donate up to $10.00 this week.

Click the banner below to sponsor our idea and help millions of people with visual impairments to have access to low-cost technology: